Have you got a pencil sharpener?

Where would we be today if we didn’t have pencil sharpeners to keep all those pencils sharp and ready to write? Did you know that Bernard Lassimone, a French Mathematician, applied for the first patent on pencil sharpeners in 1828. In 1847, Therry des Estwaux invented the manual pencil sharpener.

If you need something more portable, you’ll want to thank the African American Inventor John Lee Love. He invented a very simple pencil sharpener that was also portable. The same kind of pencil sharpener that many artist use or that can be found in offices or classrooms today. Love’s pencil sharpener was patented on November 23, 1897. Mr. Love wrote that his very simple design could also be designed in a very ornate fashion and that his pencil sharpener could also be used as a desk ornament or paperweight.

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Source: www.inventors.about.com