Back to School Kits

Back to School Kits

Get ready for the upcoming school year, or replace your old supplies, with these useful back-to-school kits. We offer three different prepackaged school supply kits, depending on the amount of supplies you wish to purchase for your students. Versatile pencil pouches will hold loads of supplies like #2 pencils, pencil sharpeners, rulers, erasers, and more! Browse through our back to school supply kits below!

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  • Basic Pencil Kit

    Basic Pencil Kit

    Item Number: J04POUCH1
    $ 23.95
    Availability: In Stock

    Help your students get ready for school with our pre-assembled Basic Pencil Kit. These 3-hole-punch pre-filled pencil case kits fit in school notebooks and binders and come with a mix of blue and red trim. The zippered pouch contains two #2 pencils plus a pencil sharpener. This is a great wholesale school supply kit that students will be able to put in their notebooks on the first day of school.

    $ 23.95