Fundraising Ideas

What's the best way to ensure your upcoming school fundraisers are a total success? It's a proven fact that Custom Imprinted Items are great for school fundraisers. Parent - Teacher Organizations are constantly looking for exciting school fundraising ideas that will help raise money for their children's classes and schools. At U.S. School Supply, we offer school fundraising spirit items that are time tested and have proven to be fundraising winners! We hope the following school fundraising spirit items and suggestions will put you and your school on the road to successful fundraising. Good Luck!

Bike Bottles offer a myriad of ways for your school to profit. Jog-A-Thon - Sell cups or bike bottles to the participants and supporters of Fun-Runs. Buy them from us and sell them for a profit. Sports Events - Bottles with your team's name and mascot are an easy sell to parents and teachers at your next home game.

Custom Buttons are great profit makers that can be worn anywhere. Booster groups across the country appreciate the value of buttons promoting school spirit at sporting events, PTA functions and student recognition.

Lanyard sales continue to reach new heights with our customers! Latch key kids are a great source of sales for our great looking cotton lanyards with split rings, or you can pick the badge clip holder or the versatile "J" hook. Cloth material provides plenty of room to print your school name and/or message.
Bumper Stickers take your message to the streets. Raise money for your school while promoting school awareness on cars all over your town. Proud parents of Honor Roll students are your target market for big profits!

Custom Pencils are always popular. Stock your school store with custom pencils with your school name, or sell them at a profit for special academic events such as spelling bees, SAT tests, etc.

Picture Frame Magnets will boost your chance for success. Defray the cost of these great looking magnets by gaining the support of the local business community. Allow a local business to print their name and phone number on the bottom, while you print your school name on the top with mascot in the middle. In exchange for their financial participation, they gain exposure in the homes of students all across your town, and you sell them for a profit!
Sales Tips to Remember

You may get as many as 10 or more "no's" for each "yes." Therefore, you need to approach as many people as possible.

You never know who is a buyer. Ask everyone, even if they don't seem like they'd be interested. Sometimes people buy the perfect gift for someone else.

Nothing sells like a big, friendly smile.

Your enthusiasm is contagious. When people see that you're excited offering them a great product, they will become excited about the products as well.