8oz Popcorn Popper

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Our Theater Pop 8oz Popcorn Popper will put you in business for big profits, popping 147 one-ounce servings per hour. This popper features a high output, hard-coat anodized aluminum kettle (8oz) for optimum performance and easy cleaning. Side-hinged kettle is simple to operate and facilitates routine cleaning. Tempered glass side panels slide into the extruded aluminum side posts. Unit also features a built in warming deck to keep the popcorn just the right temperature and an Old Maid drawer to catch the uncooked kernels underneath. 5-watt presentation lamp lights the interior. Plug into any standard 120 volt, 12 amp circuit electrical outlet. Dimensions: 20"w x 14"d x 29"h; 64 lbs.

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We recommend using the popcorn portion packs for supplies but if you choose to buy on your own, you must purchase a good quality (not the cheapest) popcorn with moisture content of 14%. Use pure oil, not refined such as canola or coconut oil.