Back to School Starter Kit

Supplies for 24 students
Item Number: J04BTS1
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Save Money when you buy all of these items at the same time. Our Back to School Kit provides enough supplies for 24 students. You'll have to assemble the contents, but you'll save 10% off the price. This kit contains the following prepackaged school supplies:

J046525 Nylon Binder Pencil Pouch - 24/unit
A2227212 12 ct Color Pencils - 12 pks/unit(2)
J10221403 .28oz Glue Stick - 24/unit
F013634 Eraser/Sharpener Combo - 24/unit
G02221580 10 ct Washable Markers - 12 pks/unit(2)
A132279 Believe-Achieve-Succeed #2 Pencils - 144/unit

By Purchasing all components together - You Save 10% Off the Price!